Construction Images (Residential)

Construction images are always fun. They really tell the story of how the design process transforms drawings into finished projects. 

Here are some summer residential construction images taken in Shelburne Vermont

Click here to see some winter residential construction in Huntington, Vermont.

To view some commercial construction images, please click here.



Bonaccio House



BON4.jpg (23182 bytes)

The house addition features a re-modeled existing kitchen, an expansion to the kitchen, a new screened-in porch, and a new mudroom connecting these new spaces with the existing garage.


BON3.jpg (40133 bytes)

This is a view of the northwest corner of the kitchen expansion. The screened porch is in the background.. 


BON2.jpg (40911 bytes)

And here's the General Contractor, Brian Slater of Slater Construction, literally keeping on top of things.


BON1.jpg (37432 bytes)

This is an interior view of the kitchen expansion looking outward. 







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