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One of my favorite projects in recent years has been the Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Facility, located here in Vermont.

This building houses up to six executive jets, and provides maintenance service to the P&W engines. The facility has workshops, machine rooms, testing equipment, as well as offices, a pilots lounge, kitchen facilities, and a major parts inventory.  Completed in 1997, the facility was built in less than 8 months, most of which was winter construction.

        Here are some construction highlights.


[Image of Pratt & Whitney Facility]
Pratt and Whitney Aircraft Facility
Burlington International Airport, South Burlington, Vermont
49,000 square foot aircraft engine repair and maintenance facility.


[Pratt & Whitney Construction Photo 3]


At this point in time, much of the concrete had been poured - before our Vermont frost set in.
Still to be poured were the Main Hangar slab and Second Floor Mezzanine slab.
(This was done once the building was enclosed, and heated internally).


[Pratt & Whitney Construction Photo 2]


Structural steel, roofing, siding, and insulation go ahead at all temperatures.

[Pratt & Whitney Construction Photo 4]


During the winter months, the warmest item on site was a welding torch.






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